Getting access to 25000 employees details

I want to share one of my findings in a private program on HackerOne, which was — critical but straightforward one. During testing for that private program. I found an endpoint for Internal team management.

Internal Team management endpoint Internal Team management endpoint

After opening the endpoint (refer the Image above), the only thing running in my mind was “How about I check the directories.” Thus, I immediately utilized Dirsearch to brute force all the directories.

Here is the exciting output. xq I renamed dirsearch to `dir` because I am lazy :v I renamed dirsearch to `dir` because I am lazy :v

Noticed? Anything?

It’s https://37.–.–.–/register :P

Upon opening the URL.

Yuss!!!! Registration page. 😮 anddd….

I tried to register with my details. And.. there was a configuration error. I was like…

I decided to register one more time with the same email and ended up with an error i.e.

“The email is already registered.”

okay, let’s go and log in.

So, I tried to log in with my registered credentials anddd…..

Successfully Logged in….

Admin management page.

All administrators name & email address was disclosed, I was even able to delete them. All administrators name & email address was disclosed, I was even able to delete them.

Typical employee details pages

Disclosed details include Name, Email, Phone-No, Employee ID, Shifts, Reports, Salaries etc.

Typical Employee details (25k Records) Typical Employee details (25k Records)

Sorry, but I needed to hide some details due to confidentiality issues. Some other critical data was disclosing too but don’t have permission to write further.

After verifying the issue, I quickly submitted the detailed report to the program via HackerOne. They validated and fixed the problem within a few hours.

They permanently fixed the issue by removing the public registration page from the endpoint.

After reporting the issue, I applied dirsearch on most of the critical endpoints belongs to them however no more endpoint was vulnerable to the same problem.


Report Submitted: 25–10–2017

Report Triaged: 25–10–2017

Initial 1300$ Awarded: 25–10–2017

Report closed as Resolved: 25–10–2017

Final 1200$ Awarded: 26–10–2017

Written on November 8, 2017