Swiftness — A bug bounty data management tool.

Swiftness is a macOS productivity tool for bug hunters and security professionals to intensify penetration testing process with checklist and notes features.

Swiftness with my targets and data.

SecurityEscape developed Swiftness for handling their day to day clients’ application auditing, later, They planned to make it public and we have been working on a lot of things to make it ready for the public. Finally, v0.2 is out. Now it has,

  • Multiple Checklist Management based on the type of targets.
  • Notes to intensify testing process by storing endpoints and specific data of a target
  • Redesigned Menu Bar

I use Swiftness to regularly check endpoints and recon data of different targets I work on.

Swiftness also comes with inbuilt templates and checklist, you can download and import it here.

User Guide for v0.2:

User Guide

Check the progress here:


Latest Build of Swiftness for MacOS

Download Swiftness v0.2


Download the inbuilt sample data.



Also, we recently started working on Windows and Linux (using Electron), it will have better UI than macOS version:

Note: This is a very early version of inbuilt data with bugs and errors, contributions are welcome.

Use the following form to contribute.


Submit bugs and issues using the following link.


Happy Hacking.

Sahil Ahamad & Rishiraj Sharma

Written on July 13, 2018