Taxi-Drivers at Hacken Cup 2018

Hi Everyone, I am writing about our experience at HackenCup 2018 on behalf of my team Taxi Drivers — (Sandeep Singh and Yassine Aboukir)

This one is non-technical blog-post, here, I am sharing my time and experience during HackenCup and HackIT Conference.

Blog post about the Hacken Cup from @HackenProof

Hacken Cup: How It Happened — HackenProof Blog

Disclaimer: This one is long with lots of images and memes :v

The following is a summary of my 8-day trip to Kyiv, Ukraine.


  1. Before 06-Oct-2018
  2. 06-Oct-2018 — Travelling Day
  3. 07-Oct — 2018 — Recon — My-way
  4. 08-Oct-20118 — Main H4Ck_K1ng Day
  5. 09-Oct-2018 — Chernobyl Trip
  6. 10-11-Oct-2018 — HackIT Security Conference
  7. 12-Oct-2018 — HackenProof Office Visit
  8. 13-Oct-2018 — Roaming around
  9. 14-Oct-2018 — ** Back to home**

Before 06-Oct-2018

Here is the link for HackenCup Invitation CTF writeup.

CTF Walkthrough — Hacken Cup 2018

After solving the CTF, I waited for the email from the HackenProof team whether I am invited or not and finally, I got the email

Reaction after receiving the confirmation email !!

After filling “HackenCup Participant Survey” I waited…

In meantime, I searched for the Visa for Ukraine and I asked @emgeekboy, how I can apply for the visa and he told me — now, we can apply for an on-arrival visa.

I submitted the on-arrival visa application and waited for the travel date.

HackenProof Sponsored the whole trip for us :)

06-Oct-2018 — Travelling-Day

It was finally 06– Oct–2018, I was having the morning flight, I quickly got up and headed to the airport.

I quickly collected my boarding pass and cleared the immigration for the first time.

Shubham Gupta joined me at the airport and we boarded the same flight.

We had connecting flights from DELHI DOHA KYIV

DOHA-Waiting for connecting flight like -_- DOHA-Waiting for connecting flight like -_-

Arrived in Kyiv… :)

We arrived at the “Boryspil International Airport” on time but unfortunately waited for 2 and a half hours after a long flight to get the visa.

Mark Savchuk was the first one we met from HackenProof Team at the airport.

The first experience, after leaving the airport, Kyiv is very cold,

We took a selfie at the airport and headed to the hotel.

where we met Jane and Nathan Security

Jane gave us the welcome gift :)


We had a 1-meter length pizza :) and headed to our rooms to have rest before “Recon — my way ”. Targets for HackenCup were given in advance to do the information gathering and to find the low hanging issues.

07-Oct-2018 — RECON — MY-WAY

Next day, Sandeep and I started our recon process at the blockchain hub.

Met Yassine Aboukir at Blockchain Hub, I was following Yassine for a long time it was really great to meet him finally. Yassine already named our team as “Taxi-Drivers

Taxi-drivers mode changing from DrivingHacking

Networking Party:-

We had a networking party that night and met all the fellow hackers and the Hacken team.

08-Oct-2018 — Main H4Ck_K1ng day

Next day was the main hacking event. Jane & Philip Zhunior kick-started the event.

[Abdullah]( — SANDEEP — ME Abdullah — SANDEEP — ME

Taxi-Drivers” Started Hacking the given targets.

21st Century TAXI-DRIVERS !!!!

21st Century TAXI-DRIVERS !!!!

Stories from Yassine Aboukir

My Team is Killing it !!!
My Team is Killing it !!!! We are taking over the 1st position. Competition is getting out of hand !!!
We are taking over the 1st position.
Competition is getting out of hand !!!WE FUCKING WON !!!


We submitted 23 security issues and Got 1285 HKN and 239 Reputation.

We won the “H4Ck_K1ng‘ — Most Reputation earned + 500 HKN

CUBETEAM” (Sam and Abdullah), got the “Moneybag$$$” award. + 400 HKN

SAM and ABDULLAH (**the guy with NO h1 swag**)
SAM and ABDULLAH (the guy with NO h1 swag)

My friend from Nepal “Arbin Godar” (BOUNTY-PLZ) awarded with “The 5pecial 0n3” for the best bug + 300 HKN

Jane & Arbin
Jane & Arbin

Wait ??? Where is “EGYPWN3RS”???

hmmm.. here they are !!!
hmmm.. here they are !!!

— Some moments when “taxi-drivers“ was winning the HackenCup!!! :v

they are looking at the leaderboard, Like SHIT !!!! they are looking at the leaderboard, Like SHIT !!!!Zigoo0 to [Mike Boxmining]( — TAXI DRIVERS gonna WIN :v Zigoo0 to Mike Boxmining — TAXI DRIVERS gonna WIN :vABDULLA to Yasser — Sorry bro!! We can’t beat Taxi Drivers!!! ABDULLA to Yasser — Sorry bro!! We can’t beat Taxi Drivers!!!Geekboy and me discussing the context of next meme!!! Geekboy and me discussing the context of next meme!!!TAXI DRIVERS in the process of **PWNING** everyone TAXI DRIVERS in the process of PWNING everyoneWhen I said to Geekboy — Bhai !! Don’t worry, we definitely gonna WIN ! When I said to Geekboy — Bhai !! Don’t worry, we definitely gonna WIN !

All jokes apart — Thanks to all Hackers. Really, I was following many of you guys and finally was able to meet you’ll in-person. 🙏

Ebrahim Hegazy

Br1ght D4rk

Yassine Aboukir



Abdullah Hussam



Ahmed Aboul-Ela

Spooky Nathan

Shubham Gupta

Simon Bräuer

Stas Kravchenko


Sergey Toshin



Ryan Stortz

Sophia d’Antoine

Everyone Participated In Hacken Cup got the Certificate of Recognition.

Hackers + TEAM == ❤
Hackers + TEAM == ❤

After H4Ck_K1ng almost all day , we headed to Afterparty and really enjoyed!!

br />

Best tweet from @hackeenproof

Shubham — I managed somehow.
br /> Shubham — I managed somehow.

LONG DAY !!!!!

That night — I was like!!

09-Oct-2018 — Chernobyl Trip

Next morning We visited Chernobyl — Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident.

Chernobyl — Exclusion zone Chernobyl — Exclusion zone(We shouldn’t be happy to see this but…) (We shouldn’t be happy to see this but…)

10–11-OCT-2018 — HackIT Security Conference

HACKIT Conference — Premium Pass! HACKIT Conference — Premium Pass!

I’ve attended the conference and I found it very useful for the people interested in blockchain or cryptocurrency and cyber-security

I’ve attended the HackIt Conference for the next 2 days.

HackIT CTF was won by EGYPWN3RS because Taxi-Drivers wasn’t playing.

:v — :v — HACKIT-Afterparty HACKIT-Afterparty

12-Oct-2018 — HackenProof Office Visit

Everyone still in the city was invited to visit the HackenProof office but unfortunately, I was very tired, So, I remained at the hotel and visited some places nearby in the evening with @emgeekboy and had Shisha at “Unipark lounge bar”.

13-Oct-2018 — Roaming around

Mark Savchuk showed me around the city. He told many things about Ukrainian History, culture, and the city and then we had traditional Ukrainian food (without beef & pork 😐 ).

Some Images from the Kyiv city.

Deepest Metro -Hacken Office Deepest Metro -Hacken Office

14-Oct-2018 — Last Day

Next day, we had to leave Kyiv :(

with Jane, Geekboy & Shubham (Bina Naahee !!!)
with Jane, Geekboy & Shubham (Bina Naahee !!!)

Reached home after long connecting flights :)

Thanks, Mark Savchuk for showing me around :)

Thanks, Jane & Philip Zhunior and whole HackenProof team for inviting me and organizing the great event.

Until next time.

Written on October 18, 2018